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Give your doggy the style they deserve with the expert grooming services from the Grooming Salon.
Cats are welcome too! See our Services Page for details.

Our professional canine styling is focused on providing great care that meets client expectations while maintaining a calm atmosphere during the grooming process. We want our dogs to leave happy and beautiful! Not only will our dog grooming services make your dog look clean, it’ll keep them healthy too! Call us today to schedule an appointment.

We are located in Morrisville, PA which borders Trenton, NJ and is near Yardley, PA.









About Us

About The Grooming Salon

With over 8 years of service, the Grooming Salon is more than a locally-owned grooming salon, it is a philosophy. The Grooming Salon philosophy is to be kind and gentle with your dog or cat. The The Grooming Salon was established with these goals in mind:

Low Stress

Low stress during the grooming process is the main consideration for your loving pet. Your dog will never be forced beyond his or her toleration of the grooming process which includes brushing/combing his coat, bathing, noise exposure, or nail and ear care.

Individual attention

Individual attention to the needs of your dog is a priority. Your dog will always be welcomed with sensitivity and care at The Grooming Salon. During his or her entire visit they will be in loving hands. Your beloved pet will never be left unattended!


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Pet Grooming Services

Treat your pet like royalty.
When you bring your dog or cat to The Grooming Salon, they will receive the best grooming that Morrisville has to offer. We are a full service pet salon and every package we have available is like booking a day at the spa for your pet. Your dog (or cat) will thank you!
Our prices vary based upon size, breed, coat condition, temperament, and other factors.

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We provide canine styling services with a focus on maintaining a calm and healthy environment. Whether your dog needs a post-adventure refresher or a full spa day, we’re here to help. Our goal is to send your dog home looking and feeling his or her best, just the way you want.
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Nails are trimmed and can also be filed. Every dog has our undivided attention from start to finish. Each grooming experience, whether it’s a body-contouring trim or full-body clipping, is tailored to achieve a balanced and attractive look.
All services are available by appointment only. Prices are subject to the size of dog, breed and condition of coat. Grooming appointments cannot be made via online scheduling so please call or stop in to make an appointment!

Our Pet Grooming Services Include:

  • Bath with premium deep cleansing & conditioning shampoo
  • Uses Hydro-Surge Therapy Bathing System
  • Finishing/conditioning spray
  • Cream Rinse / Conditioner
  • Tearless blueberry facial cleanser / scrub
  • Fluffy towel & blow dry
  • Up to 15 minutes of brushing / combing
  • Ears cleaned, deordorized, & lightly plucked
  • Nails clipped
  • Breath spray
  • Cologne
  • Bandana / bow / bling
  • All items listed above are ALWAYS included in the premium bath!

  • Nails buffed

    (Nails get shorter than clipping alone and rough edges are smoothed.)

  • Anal glands externally expressed

    (Helps relieve and prevent "butt scooting."

  • Teeth

    (Brushing & Spray Treatment)

  • Specialty Shampoos & Conditioners

    • whitening/Brightening
    • Tearless Hypo-Allegenic
    • Anti-itch medicated oatmeal
    • Oatmeal Medicated Soothing Rinse
    • Skunk Treatment
    • Silk Moisturing Shampoo
    • Silk Moisturing Conditioner
    • Degrease
    • Oatmeal
    • Odor Eliminator
    • Additional Bath (extra dirty/grease/canal mud!)
    • All pets with fleas or ticks
  • Vet Prescription Medicated Treatments or owner's products

    Shampoo/Conditioner and/or Leave in Rinse

  • Furminator De-Shadding Treatment

    (First 15 min included with regularl service)
    *All sizes / each additional 30 minutes
    You can determine the length of time spent on this task...
    Speak with your groomer about what is best for your pet!

  • Special Handling

    Old; pets ability to stand in tub &/ or on table; special needs care/ behaviorally-challenge; dogs that need to be muzzled; need more than one person to handle; rescued/scared.

  • De-matting **

    For every additional 15 minutes session (first 15 minutes included with your regular grooming service.) **If your dog can handle it!

  • Shaving Off Matted Coat

    (Coats that can't be de-matted)

    • Fully matted
    • Extremely matted
  • Extra Ear Plucking /Cleaning / Flush
  • Frontline Treatment or K9 Advantix (Flea treatment)

    Lasts one month

  • Groomer has the right to include other services as needed for your pet's comfort

We now offer daycare! Ask for details

Any dog dropped off more than 1/2 hour early for their appointment, or left for more than 1 hour after we call for pick-up, will go into our Daycare and be charged a $5 Daycare fee, Also, this is great for dogs that need to stay all day while you work.

  • CAGELESS Daycare Suite


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